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Few people are born with perfect teeth. In fact, most people have at least one common problem that can be treated with proper orthodontic care. Whether you suffer from crooked teeth, overcrowding, bite problems or more, an experienced Syracuse, NY orthodontist at CFSS Braces can help!

We are a premier Fayetteville, Syracuse, and Fulton orthodontist office. Our orthodontic team has successfully treated patients of all ages with various forms of malocclusions and jaw misalignments. Common orthodontic problems can cause issues with chewing, oral hygiene, speaking, and aesthetics. Let the orthodontic experts at CFSS help solve the problem and optimize your overall oral health with a customized orthodontic treatment plan! At CFSS Braces, we have seen a wide variety of tooth and jaw problems. Luckily, recent advances in orthodontic care have streamlined the treatment process and made it easier than ever to maintain braces or Invisalign treatment and achieve a stunning and healthy smile. Some of the most common orthodontic problems are:

Crowding of the teeth

crowding of the teeth beforeBefore
crowding of the teeth afterAfter

Crowding occurs when the teeth don’t have sufficient room to completely erupt from the gum line. 

Deep overbite 

deep overbite beforeBefore
deep overbite afterAfter

Overbites occur when the upper front teeth extend over the lower front teeth. 

Missing lateral incisors

missing lateral incisors beforeBefore
missing lateral incisors afterAfter

Missing teeth are common in some people and can cause spacing issues for the other teeth. 


underbite beforeBefore
underbite afterAfter

An underbite occurs when the lower jaw extends out too far. 


Overjet - Protruding front teeth

overjet beforeBefore
overjet afterAfter

Protrusion occurs when the upper front teeth extend too far out, or the lower front teeth do not extend enough. 


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If you believe you’re a good candidate for braces or Invisalign, Syracuse, Fulton, and Fayetteville, orthodontists at CFSS Braces can help you! To speak with one of our experienced orthodontists about teeth or jaw problems, contact us at (315) 458-0020 or use our convenient online form to schedule your appointment today! We look forward to helping you achieve your smile goals!

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Love my braces. I was really surprised how quickly my teeth moved. I also like the color selection, it makes the entire time much more fun. I could tell Dr. Callahan cared about my future and that means a lot. you guys are great Thank you. : )

Great child friendly environment. The staff is wonderful and very helpful. State of the art equipment and knowledgeable. The office strives to make our child comfortable and the experience Is excellent.

My brother and I have both gone to CFSS and we both have had only great experiences, I actually like going to the orthodontist! They treat their patients so well.

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