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At Drs. Callahan, Flanagan, Smith & Stock, we proudly provide excellent orthodontic care to children, teenagers and adults living across Central New York. Whether you’re looking for a orthodontist to provide your child with metal braces or are interested in adult treatment for yourself, we can meet all your family’s orthodontic needs! With three orthodontic offices located in Fulton, Syracuse and Fayetteville, NY, we make it very convenient to achieve your best smile!

We Are a Certified Invisalign Teen Provider in Central New York

If you’re a teenager who could benefit from orthodontic treatment but don’t like the idea of wearing highly visible metal braces that are bonded to the teeth, our practice offers Invisalign Teen treatment using clear, removable aligners.  Invisalign Teen is a treatment option teenagers love and it’s one of the most popular types of orthodontic appliances we offer, for many great reasons!

How Invisalign Teen Works

Invisalign Teen consists of a series of clear, removable aligners that fit snugly over the teeth to move them gradually, step by step according to the treatment plan your orthodontist develops just for you using using advanced, 3D computer imaging technology. You will be directed to wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, wherein you’ll move on to the next set in the series and so on until your teeth are in their optimal position. Since the aligners are removable, you can take them out when eating and when cleaning your teeth. You can also remove them temporarily for special occasions like school photos or job interviews as long as you put them right back in when done.

Fits Perfectly with Your Active Lifestyle

Have a special date planned, yearbook pictures to pose for or a big game to suit up for Friday night? There’s nothing to stress about if you’re improving your smile with Invisalign Teen! This orthodontic treatment option was developed specifically for busy teenagers and it’s designed to fit in seamlessly with your active lifestyle.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

Very Discreet Treatment: Because Invisalign Teen aligners are made of a translucent plastic material, most people won’t even notice you have the aligners in. This means you can smile with complete confidence throughout your treatment process knowing that people are concentrating on you and not on a mouthful of metal.

Eat What You Want: When you have metal braces bonded to your teeth, you have to sacrifice some of your favorite foods like hard, crunchy, sticky and gooey foods as these foods can damage or break the appliances that are bonded to your teeth. But when you’re wearing Invisalign Teen, you can continue eating all your favorite foods as the aligners are designed to be removed when eating. Imagine still being able to dig into that pizza with the chewy crust and to eat popcorn and chips without any worries while watching TV!

Easy to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene: When it’s time to brush and floss your teeth, all you need to do is take your aligners out and clean your teeth. You never have to worry that you’re not doing a good enough job with your oral hygiene routine with Invisalign Teen as there are no wires or brackets getting in the way.

Comfortable To Wear: Since Invisalign Teen aligners use no metal whatsoever to straighten teeth, there are no wires or brackets present to poke or irritate the inside of your mouth.

Fewer Orthodontic Appointments: Since there’s nothing to adjust with Invisalign Teen, you can enjoy all the freedom that comes with not having to make too many orthodontic appointments. You will have to visit us every few weeks so we can make sure your  treatment is on track, but these appointments are typically brief. This means no more missing important classes or being late to practice just because you need your braces adjusted!

Schedule Your First Visit with CFSS Orthodontics Today

To find out if Invisalign Teen is right for you or your teenager, please give us a call at (315) 458-0020 or request an appointment to set up an initial examination. Once we’ve examined your teeth and bite, we will sit down with you to discuss our findings along with our proposed treatment which may include Invisalign Teen. We look forward to seeing you soon and giving you many great reasons to smile!


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Love my braces. I was really surprised how quickly my teeth moved. I also like the color selection, it makes the entire time much more fun. I could tell Dr. Callahan cared about my future and that means a lot. you guys are great Thank you. : )

Great child friendly environment. The staff is wonderful and very helpful. State of the art equipment and knowledgeable. The office strives to make our child comfortable and the experience Is excellent.

My brother and I have both gone to CFSS and we both have had only great experiences, I actually like going to the orthodontist! They treat their patients so well.

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